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Lock Jaw, Jaw Pain, Facial Pain, and Headaches: Could you possibly have TMJ Disorder?


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If you have TMJ Disorder, where would you start treatment?

Do you or someone you know have TMJ Disorder? Palm Beach TMJ Disorder Diagnosis and Treatments begin with a consultation with your Palm Beach Gardens Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentist, Doctor Andrew Rudnick. (561) 544-7201 Dr. Rudnick strongly believes in LVI training to better suffering patients from their debilitating TMJ Disorder headaches alongside its other painful symptoms. It’s more than a gorgeous smile at our dentistry- it’s what’s behind the smile. Dr. Andrew Rudnick relieves headaches with a smile. He aligns the occlusion (bite), contours(shapes) teeth & may apply a fixed orthotic or give a night guard.

Would you like living proof of the treatments & outcome?

Two staff members at our Palm Beach Gardens Dental Office are TMJ Disorder Treatment patients, themselves. Our team whole heartedly believes in TMJ Disorder Treatments, and is living proof to our treatment methodologies. Our staff can show you a range of options and treatments- Just ask to see the Fixed Orthotic and you will surely be wowed. Quiet therapeutic sessions with muscle relaxing stimulants are also recommended. For very stressed and tense muscles you will greatly enjoy this therapy. We have flameless candles and a great respect for ultimate therapy comfort.

For more information, please visit /palm-beach-dental-services/tmj-treatment/ or to reserve an appointment or consultation, please call (561) 544-7201.