Dental Cleaning

A simple yet essential treatment for your teeth and gums.

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Professional Cleaning at Rudnick Dentistry

Keep your healthy smile for life.

Prevent costly tooth restorations and painful decay with professional cleanings at the dentist. Even if you’re a great brusher and flosser, you’re probably missing a few spots, but that’s where we come in.

Dental hygiene cleanings in Palm Beach Gardens, FL help maintain smiles and can even improve them. Our hygienist gently removes plaque that can lead to cavities and gum disease, plus brightens your smile in the process.

Get the Expert Touch

Gentle and effective dental cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

When you visit us for a cleaning you enjoy:

  • Skilled Hygienists
    When you come in for a dental cleaning, you get so much more from your Palm Beach Gardens hygienist. Our team ensures you’re free of cavity-causing bacteria while teaching you ways to improve your oral health.
  • Gentle Cleanings
    Relax in the dental chair as your hygienist gently cleans your teeth. First, a scaler removes any plaque build-up on and between teeth and near the gumline. Next, we brush and floss, and you may receive a fluoride rinse to complete your professional cleaning.
  • Better Health
    Biannual cleanings are quick and comfortable but have the power to save your smile and even your body! Poor dental hygiene is connected to gingivitis, inflammation in the body, cardiovascular disease, bone loss, cancers, and many other problems. Maintain oral health for better overall health.
Woman is happily smiling with hands close to her face
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Why Choose Us?

Putting your oral health above all else.

As your partner for a healthy smile for life, Rudnick DentistryLearn more about our dentistry makes dental cleanings and preventive dentistry easy for Palm Beach Gardens.

  • Our friendly team listens to your needs, moves at your pace, and keeps you informed through every step
  • Enjoy a serene office with extra comforts to put your mind at ease while we work on your smile
  • Choose from warm blankets, cozy neck pillows, and refreshing beverages
  • Select your choice of entertainment with Wifi, Ipads, and TVs
  • Relieve anxiety or fear with sedation dentistry options
  • Experience faster and more effective care with innovative technology

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