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Building the Foundation for Your Oral Health

Get your smile and life back.

Physiologic Dentistry

If you have missing or damaged teeth due to disease, trauma, or normal wear and tear, we have a solution to restore your smile. Get the healthy, beautiful, and full smile you deserve with reconstructive dentistry in Palm Beach County.

Our LVI-trainedOpens a new window to the LVI website dentist uses advanced dentistry to ensure function and beauty for even the most complex full mouth rehabilitations.

We begin with a physiologic focus to address your bite and jaw alignment plus signs of TMJ disorder (migraine headaches, fatigue, stiff muscles, dizzy spells, and teeth grinding). When your bite aligns, beauty follows.

Beautify Your Smile

If the first part of reconstructive dentistry in Palm Beach County focuses on the physiologic aspects of your smile (how your smile works), then the second part perfects the appearance (this is the beauty part).

Essentially, our dentist sets the foundation for your smile. Dr. RudnickLearn more about our dentist then creates your seamless reconstruction based on your needs, goals, and comfort using one or multiple cosmetic and restorative treatments like dental implantsLearn more about our implants, inlays or onlays, crowns, bridges, and metal-free fillings.

Modern technology and techniques mean your restoration looks like you’ve never even had any dental work done in the first place.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Turn your problematic smile into a picture of function and beauty at our cutting-edge dental office.

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Our Smile Transformation

Check out the work of Dr. Rudnick and our team.

These happy smiles prove that tooth loss and damage don’t have to mean the end of a beautiful, full smile. Modern dentistry with high-quality materials replaces and restores teeth for a seamless, natural-like reconstruction. You too can shine bright!

Complete Care for Your Teeth & Jaw

Three comprehensive stages, one brand new smile.

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Physiologic Dentistry

We carefully adjust your jaw to rediscover function and relieve pain.

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Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Rudnick uses a range of treatments to restore your teeth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our world-class cosmetic services in Palm Beach County beautify smiles.

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Through advanced studies and over two decades of experience, our Palm Beach Gardens dentist opens the door to more possibilities.

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