Porcelain Veneers in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Change how you feel about your smile.

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Feel Happier with Your Smile

Dr. Rudnick takes a big-picture approach to ensure your smile suits your facial features.

Feel like your true self with life-like porcelain veneers that improve the look of your teeth while enhancing your natural beauty.

Veneers in Palm Beach Gardens are custom-made just for your smile to quickly fix tooth color, irregular spacing, odd tooth shapes, chips, and misalignment.

You’re in good hands with our cosmetic dentist in Palm Beach Gardens, who can repair as much or as little as you desire to give you a smile you’re proud to show off.

Dr. Rudnick is a top dentist in Florida and studied advanced dentistry at the world-renowned LVI GlobalOpens a new window to the LVI Global website institution to bring you the best dental solutions at our local practiceLearn more about our dentistry.

How Do Porcelain Veneers Work?

Creating your life-changing smile.

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During your visit with our Palm Beach cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rudnick, we review your goals and identify if veneers are the best choice. Our aim is to craft a beautiful and natural-looking smile that suits your appearance, so we consider your facial features i.e. your lip line, nose shape, eye and hair color, and face and tooth symmetry.

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Once we design your smile makeover and give you a preview of the end result, we prep your teeth and scan your mouth (this scan is used for high-precision fabrication). Veneers are ultra-thin ceramic shells bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth, so we gently remove a little enamel. This promotes a stronger bond and natural tooth thickness.

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When your veneers are ready, it’s time to apply. Each veneer is made for your ideal tooth shape, size, and color. We use dental porcelain that’s translucent and has reflective properties similar to tooth enamel. Dr. Rudnick gently bonds the veneers to your teeth for a flawless appearance and comfortable bite.

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Porcelain Crowns

Restoring your tooth’s function and beauty.

Sometimes a tooth is damaged beyond repair and requires more than a cosmetic fix using veneers. In these cases, our Palm Beach Gardens dentist may recommend a cosmetic dental crown, which is a strong and natural-like tooth restoration.

Our dental crowns, designed by a top dental lab, use 100% ceramic porcelain that mimics natural teeth characteristics and translucency. As a result, you get the most tooth-like result for the power to eat and smile with full confidence.

Porcelain crowns in Palm Beach Gardens provide beauty and structure by:

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