Tooth Extractions

Occasionally, the safest way to save your smile is to remove a tooth.

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Why Might We Remove a Tooth?

Here are some common reasons why an extraction may be necessary.

Improve your oral health and prevent an existing issue from becoming worse with a safe and comfortable tooth extraction.

While our Palm Beach Gardens dentistLearn more about our dentist strives to save your natural teeth, some cases require tooth removal, including:

  • Tooth decay or disease
  • Trauma of the mouth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Orthodontic preparation
  • Overcrowding

Dr. Rudnick will assess your situation and provide you with the ideal treatment outcome.

Tooth Removal

The Rudnick way.

When tooth extraction is the best option for your health, you can expect to receive:

  • A Consultation
    If you require tooth extraction to preserve your overall health and smile’s beauty, we let you know exactly what to expect before the procedure. Plus, we ensure your comfort through sedation options.
  • Gentle Treatment
    We use digital x-rays to determine the best way to remove your tooth quickly and painlessly. Dr. Rudnick numbs the area and gently removes the tooth. Your socket will fill, and we may use gauze or stitches to close it.
  • After-Care
    After your tooth removal, you’ll receive at-home care instructions for comfortable healing. If necessary, we follow up by explaining your tooth restoration options.
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Patient Testimonials

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Replacement Options after an Extraction

That missing tooth gap is only temporary.

Tooth extractions in Palm Beach can be followed by a restorative treatment to complete your smile.

Our goal is to ensure you have a healthy, beautiful, and functional smile for life.

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Dental Implants

A missing tooth or multiple missing teeth make it hard to chew food, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. The good news is that we offer one of the top ways to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement using a metal post that fuses with your jawbone to support your new, natural-like tooth.

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Bridges & Partials

Gaps in your smile can cause your surrounding teeth to shift, leading to misalignment and bite problems. Luckily, these missing tooth spaces are easier to fix than ever. Bridges and partials use your surrounding teeth to support a natural-like restoration that completes your smile.

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