Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

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Regain your confidence and mouth function with one or multiple restorative treatments. Full mouth rehabilitation in Palm Beach Gardens fixes broken, chipped, and missing teeth.

Whether it’s due to decay, gum disease, or an injury, our Dr. Rudnick crafts a custom treatment plan that focuses on your bite and teeth for a complete and fully-functional smile.

Full mouth rehabilitation services can include:

How Does It Work?

Rehab your smile with Dr. Andrew Rudnick.

Although Dr. Rudnick creates completely custom treatment plans, a full mouth rehabilitation has the following steps.

  • Consultation
    During your visit, our Palm Beach restorative dentist will address the extent of your tooth damage, discuss your goals, and teach you about your best options. Depending on the treatment, we may create a digital smile preview.
  • Structure
    Our dentistLearn more about our dentist uses physiologic dentistry to ensure your bite aligns correctly, creating the right foundation for your improved smile. A bad bite can cause headaches, TMD jaw pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness, and dizzy spells.
  • Restoration
    We complete your full mouth rehab with one or multiple restoration procedures. First, we prep your teeth and gums. Then, we customize your repair and place it. You may receive a mock-up or temporaries if needed.
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Using general, cosmetic, restorative, and reconstructive dentistry to save your smile.

Your Palm Beach Gardens dentist, Dr. Rudnick, offers more services under one roof for a more effective, convenient, and successful full mouth rehabilitation.

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