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Neuromuscular Dentistry And How You May Benefit

TMJ Palm Beach

Neuromuscular dentistry is a branch of dental science that offers more solutions in treating certain dental problems such as, TMJ and headaches. It is also the first of its kind that takes into consideration the jaw bones and muscles adjoining the jaw and in the face. Biologically, the way we operate our teeth is a result of the muscles working to bring in the effect, whether we are chewing, grinding our teeth or making any form of movements. Individuals with TMJ in Palm Beach now have hope to treat this disorder.

Technically, the term used to define the act of joining the two set of teeth (mandibular and maxillary or lower jaw and upper jaw) fitting into each other in perfect alignment is called a ‘bite’. It is when we have a bad bite, in simpler words a misaligned bite, then it leads to problems such as inflammation or/and muscle spasms on the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). Neuromuscular dentistry tends to address the problem of the TMJ to offer the desired solution.

Some of the benefits of neuromuscular dentistry are –

  • Jaw pain is a persistent problem among people of all ages.  Now, jaw pain can be caused by a number of reasons including misalignment of the jaws, some physical injury to the jaws or malfunctioning of certain facial muscles that operate the jaw. Neuromuscular dentistry can offer the solution required to treat jaw pain.
  • Migraines can also be treated by neuromuscular dentistry. A number of cases have been successfully treated where patients have reported no further migraine attacks. It has also been seen that after successful treatments, patients have never ever reported any headaches either.
  • While jaw pain and headaches may have more to do with facial muscles than the TMJ, neuromuscular dentistry can also offer treatments to misaligned teeth, tooth breakage, tooth shortening or muscle thinning. These are issues that gradually come up. Consistent bad bites can eventually result in misaligned teeth set and situations that cannot be addressed by either surgery or any type of braces. The problem lies in the fact that the problem is not caused by the teeth or the jaw bone but by muscles and wrong alignments. Neuromuscular dentistry is the only solution in such cases.

Whether we talk about ailments of the TMJ, normal jaw pain or headaches that seem to be commonly natural, neuromuscular dentistry can benefit you in more ways than one can imagine. It is the only division of dentistry that goes beyond the teeth, bacterial infections and cosmetic problems in dentistry.